Dallas Animal Incidents Story

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"Helping Dallas be safe, compassionate, and healthy place for people and animals". 

Dallas Animal Incidents Report Citywide

The City of Dallas, through its services, works to keep the city safe, compassionate, and healthy for animals as well as for people. One unique department that responds to animal incidents throughout the city is the Dallas Animal Services, DAS. The Animal Service Officers (ASO) actively respond to citizens' calls reporting animal incidents in all fourteen district of the city.
One call at the time, the Animal Services Officers (ASO) who respond to calls in the field document their work; using various tools, software, and other animal shelter software. Their active work and humane treatment of animals have helped rescue many animals from the streets to the shelter, and further placed some of these animal in citizens’ home through various adoption programs.
The start date of this story is October 01, 2016 and the datasets and all related visuals and maps will be updated daily; to keep our citizens informed and to help them understand the work of Animal Services Officer in our city's neighborhoods.

Animal Incidents Citywide

Animal Incidents by District
Dog Related Incidents by District

Animal Bites by District
Dog Bites by District

Animal Incidents by Month
Dog Bites by Month

Animal Rescued from Field to Shelter
Animal Rescued by Type of Animal

Shelter Animal Adoption by Month
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