Second Chances Matter

The Office of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, January 31st, 2024

FreshStart Program Dashboard

The Office of Analytics and Business Intelligence, in partnership with the Small Business Center, has initiated phase 2 of the FreshStart program dashboard. This update builds upon the existing dashboard. The FreshStart program was introduced by the City of Dallas in 2018, and the initial version of the dashboard was launched in June 2022. The dashboard is a valuable tool that provides users with additional information and metrics on the program. It aims to enhance transparency and attract qualified candidates for the program. The dashboard can be accessed here.

Learn About FreshStart

The FreshStart program is a city initiative that provides assistance to ex-offenders, arrestees, and individuals who have recently been released from incarceration by connecting them with employment opportunities within the City of Dallas or with community partners. The program aims to offer a fair second chance to those who have been negatively impacted by their criminal background and help them reintegrate into society and the workforce. By creating more opportunities for ex-offenders, the initiative also works towards ending the stigma associated with having a criminal record.

Dashboard Existing Pages

Please note that the Hires page, which used to be the first page of the dashboard, has now been moved to the second page. This page offers valuable insights on the FreshStart candidates that have been hired.
Additionally, the Separations page can now be found on the third page of the FreshStart program dashboard. Here, you can access important information on the FreshStart candidates who have separated from the program.

What's New?

The FreshStart program dashboard has been updated, including a new "summary page". This new page will be the first page of the dashboard and will provide additional metrics and information about the recruitment funnel of the program.
The new iteration will show data beginning with the candidate pre-screen stage. This includes stages eligible, referral, interviewed, hired, and separated of the recruitment funnel. It will also offer a demographic breakdown of candidates at each stage of the recruitment process.
The FreshStart program dashboard now includes a Year Filter across all three of its pages, enabling users to view data from current or previous fiscal years. In addition, there is a text button available on all three pages that will direct users to the FreshStart employment program webpage.


If you hover over a visualization on the dashboard with your pointer, a tooltip will appear. This tooltip provides additional data and details.
Our goal with the FreshStart program dashboard is to provide users with easy access to information about the program and the services it offers. We intend to help work-ready individuals who are facing challenges in finding employment due to past mistakes by providing them with transparent data and information about the program. We all deserve grace and a second chance; this dashboard hopes to offer just that.