Public Safety Data Announcement

The Dallas Police Department strives for continued operational improvement, improved community relationships, and further transparency. To improve on the current operations, The Dallas Police Department recently went through an upgrade and certification process on the National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS). NIBRS is an incident based reporting system that views crime and all of its components as an incident. The goal is to collect more meaningful data to enhance the quantity, quality, and timeliness of the crime data collected.
There have been some challenges as with any change and the department will continue to work through issues as they arise. Through community relationships, an issue was brought to the attention of the Dallas Police Department regarding the public Open Data Portal. Numbers were not matching and information appeared to be missing. The department immediately went to work on fixing the issue. After many hours of testing, it was discovered there was a filter issue regarding the dissemination of subjects with unknown ages. While the department is not able to release some items due to legal requirements, this was not one of them. Through the teamwork of the Dallas Police Department and City Information Technology Department, the filters were corrected and have been applied to the portal. What you will see on the portal is a large increase on the number of offenses available for your viewing. A Roll Call Training Bulletin will be issued in the next few days to require officers to use a specific format for entering “unknown” ages of suspects. This training will significantly reduce the number of reports being withheld from the ODP based on juvenile age filters.
The Dallas Police Department will be transparent with the citizens and businesses in Dallas. With that said, the department is reviewing all legal requirements to ensure the law is followed, along with providing as much information to the citizens and businesses of Dallas. We appreciate your continued support and patience while we grow together through this transition. If you have any concerns please feel free to contact Assistant Chief Angela Shaw or Lt. Matthew Williamson .
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