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Disclaimer: The inspection data represents a specific period in time. It does not represent the ownership of the establishment or the full history of the establishment.
In the City of Dallas, there are over 6,000 "permitted" fixed food establishments, including restaurants, convenience stores, coffee shops, delis, grocery stores and schools. There are over 800 Mobile Food Units, including mobile food trucks, various types of food service carts, push carts, and kiosk units. All food establishments are inspected by a profession who is licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services. 95% of all active fixed food restaurants should receive 2 inspections between October 1, and September 31, of the fiscal.
The data represented in the open data portal is intended to communicate information related to food establishments in city of Dallas. The data will include the date the inspection was conducted, the overall score for the inspection, a description of the violation, and the point deduction for the individual violation. It is important to know that not every violation will reflect a point deduction. If a point deduction has already been taken under a specific violation number additional violations under that same violation number will reflect a zero point deduction.